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A native of the Illinois Valley, Ben Gibson shares more than 25 years of piano experience with his students.

At the ripe age of six, Ben began taking piano lessons. His older brother was also taking piano lessons, but was considerably farther ahead than Ben due to his age. Ben quickly learned that he had a innate ear for music.

Ben could listen to the more advanced music his brother was playing, and play it himself—without looking at a note. And this began Ben’s love of playing piano. Lessons continued and talent grew. After serving his country in the Marine Corps, Ben felt he was being called to use his musical talent to positively impact the lives of others.

Today, Ben is a career musician. A day of work for him includes performing, teaching, and even tuning pianos. Ben currently performs as a pianist and back-up vocalist for several musical groups, as well as entertaining weekly at a piano bar. He has experience performing many genres of music from jazz to heavy metal, country to classical, and blues to rock ‘n roll.

Piano lessons with Ben will surely not be boring. He keeps students engaged and is able to cater to the differing needs of each student. A lesson with Ben will be grounded in music theory. It will include learning to read music, as well as ear training. It will include technical aspects of playing piano, as well as musical aspects. It will include learning many different genres of music and gaining performance experience.

The icing of the cake, is that Ben makes this process fun. So, for all you aspiring pianists out there, Ben is excited to meet you and help you become the best pianist and performer you can be.

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