Michael Templeton, self taught banjoist and instrumentalist /harmony singer for The Templetons, has been playing his instrument for eight years.

Michael has proficient knowledge in Scruggs, Melodic, and Clawhammer styles of playing banjo, all three of which he enjoys performing and teaching.  His masterful playing can be heard in both of The Templetons CDs, entitled THAT EVENING TRAIN and CHERRY MINE. He is the 2nd place winner of the 2014 Illinois State Banjo Contest and 1st place winner of the East Troy Bluegrass Festival Banjo Contest in Wisconsin for the years 2013 and 2014.

Playing music has been part of Michael’s life since he was seven years old, when as part of a homeschool curriculum he began to learn basic piano and music theory along with the harmonica. He has experience in playing the bass, cajon, harmonica, and some guitar. Michael loves listening to many different types and artists in music including Bluegrass, Classical, Cajun, Celtic, Old Time, Folk, Alternative, and Electronic genres, and enjoys the challenge of applying the artistic elements of all of these to his own music.  

He is now attending college at Illinois Valley Community College, and is working on his Associates in Arts in pursuit of a degree in English, while also building his career in music. He lives in Lostant IL, and his social profile can be found on Facebook (Michael Templeton II) and on The Templeton’s website for their band (thetempletonsbluegrass.com).