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Paint Your Pet

Is your furry friend adorable?  Would you like to paint a portrait of them?  

Watch our 408 Fine Arts Factory Facebook Page for the next Paint Your Pet class OR get 10 friends together and host your own party. Include the kids or make it a BYOB event.


Age 7 and up.  (Must be 21 if BYOB party)
Provide a photo in advance of your pet and then come paint your pooch, kitty or other fur baby on canvas, guided by our artist! (Photos must be front view or profile.  Only one pet per painting)

Photos of pet must be submitted to Mary Janusick (Music Suite 408) no later than two (2) weeks in advance.  Sorry, no exceptions so plan ahead.


Prepay applies. 
New students: Annual $10 Facility Use Fee (Registration Fee) for 2021-2022 academic year due for all public painting classes. Call us and we can email registration form to you. 🎨

Mary Janusick, Artist/Educator



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